Handpicked For You® Visual Tips


Handpicked For You® Visual Tips

Thanks for this great article from Kayla-Jane Barrie with Sheridan Nurseries!

By combining the best of the best plants at your IGC, you are providing value to your customers. Your customers will have the best performing plants for your growing area, with various benefits such as seasonal colour, attracting pollinators, and plants for small spaces. You’ll also be able to show them new plants before competitors - talk about being the local plant expert! 

Staff will feel empowered knowing that they are recommending outstanding plants to customers at your IGC. Proper merchandising and a knowledgeable team will translate into greater customer trust, which will bring in stronger sales margins. When plants are simplified, customers overcome their fear of failure and want to get planting. 

By incorporating proper signage and displaying HPFY plants that are correctly tagged, customers can quickly learn key points about the plants. Colour blocking and using a mix of ornamental grasses and flowering plants will inspire customers to combine plants that are on display at your IGC in their gardens.

Set New Heights
Incorporate layers and height in your HPFY displays. This can help customers visualize plants that will add height to their garden or the perfect plant to fill in a border.

Colour Blocking
Consider playing with colour when merchandising plants. Look how the vibrant orange on the lilies pairs perfectly with the purple blooms on the salvia. Colour blocking techniques will inspire costumers to play with colours in their garden.

Clean benches, proper signage
Bench wrap, brand signage and tags bring this HPFY display together. By keeping the area clean, properly branded and offering a selection of plants, costumers can confidently shop the area to find the latest plants to add to their garden.