Why You Should Look for the Handpicked for You® Trustmark


Handpicked For You® – a Certification, Not a Brand!

Thanks to David Wilson with Overdevest Nurseries for sharing this information on Handpicked for You®.

When we go shopping for plants at our favorite garden centers, most of us are inevitably drawn to the reassurance of known brands on display. 

Whether it is Plants that Work®, White Flower Farms®, Garden Classics®, or Garden Splendor® there’s a natural confidence that comes with choosing a brand that we recognize or perhaps have tried before.      

But what happens when we are faced with a plethora of confusing brands, or brands that you haven’t come across before, or worse still, a bench filled with new plants that look interesting, but have information on the tags that is unsubstantiated and therefore is suspect, with claims that may (or may not) be true? 

Add to this the un-nerving feeling of vulnerability that comes with shopping for something that you know little about.

Wouldn’t it be great if these plants came with some sort of symbol or insignia that certified that they have gone through a testing and trialing procedure? 

A certification that brings the comforting satisfaction that even though they are new to us, they come with the authentication that they have been “through the wringer” in tests and evaluations.

Better still in these time-pressed times, wouldn’t it be great if we had a seal of approval that helped us make these informed decisions easier and quicker? 

This is exactly what Handpicked for You® offers!

This “one of a kind” certification is SIMPLE in concept and yet is so POWERFUL in practice.  For unlike the often-limited resources of a single plant brand, this ingenious concept is built on the principle of “two heads are better than one” (or in this case many, many heads).  Handpicked for You® takes the combined power of many seasoned professionals all working together simultaneously to trial and evaluate plants within their respective localities. If the collective knowledge and experience of numerous nursery professionals and literally 100’s of garden center experts, all collaborating to share their test results and opinions, were totaled up it would equate to many hundreds of years.

Now, that’s real power! 

So much more power than any single plant brand could muster!  And even though this broad reaching program is just two years old, the benefits are already paying ground-breaking dividends. 

Just this year, 16 exciting new plants received Handpicked for You® certification status! These new additions take the total Handpicked for You® certified plants to an impressive 96 different types.  Add to this, 79 promising new ‘First Look’ plants that can be available for participating retailers to see and share feedback on during 2019, and you begin to get some idea of why the Trustmark symbol of Handpicked for You® is so powerful and so much more than just a brand.   

In addition, rather than position Handpicked for You® as yet “another brand” competing for differentiation, status and acceptance, Handpicked for You® Is brand-less.  This trusted trustmark can be awarded to branded and non-branded plants - provided they prove themselves in trials! It’s simple, enlightened purpose is to harness all that inherent power and channel it in a supporting and enhancing way to reinforce existing trusted brands and provide consumers like you and me the added, unbiased support that is invaluable when we are faced with making our garden plant buying decisions. 

Moreover, because Handpicked for You® examines and encompasses a wide variety of plants, from sources throughout the world (including those that are often fondly referred to as “tried & true”), it is uniquely placed to validate and bring us literally the “the best of the best”.  

Handpicked for You® and it’s collaborative plant trials and ability to certify branded and non-branded plants means it’s so much more than just another plant brand.  It truly is a better way to identify the best plants!