About Handpicked For You®


The Handpicked for You® certification is supported by a collaboration of plant breeders, growers and independent garden center retailers. Together we’re working to identify and introduce the best tested and most trusted plants available to you.

Handpicked for You® is a new certification program that awards its valued trustmark to top performing plants, so you can have the assurance of greater garden success!

Selected varieties must undergo regional testing, followed by the all important local testing before being certified as offering superior garden performance for your area.  These plant trials are focused on evaluating and testing each plant's garden performance and reliability.

The Handpicked for You® trustmark provides reassurance to consumers that they are making good purchasing decisions, selecting plants that have been tested to work in their geographic area.  Just as we may look to the Wine Spectator ratings when selecting the perfect bottle of wine to enjoy with friends, so too may we look to the Handpicked for You® trustmark to help us select the right plant for our yard.

Independent garden center retailers choose to participate in Handpicked for You® because:

  • Synergy - it’s our name!  We value the collaborative process between plant breeders, growers, and IGCs, valuing your feedback in the plant selection process.
  • The plants are certified to work.  This helps your consumers overcome their fear of failure amidst the overwhelming amount of plant choices.
  • Coordination is our game.  We work with plant breeders, introducers, and young plant suppliers to trial plants and get promising new plants to you!
  • You’re a true partner.  You enhance your customers’ success by featuring plants that are best suited for your area that you helped select.  Choose to offer the Handpicked for You® plants that you know work best for your customers!
  • You’re the expert!  It’s your program - you are able to better differentiate your garden center by being the local plant expert that has recommendations that work.
  • Enjoy early access.  Our Handpicked for You® partner retailers receive “first dibs” on the new First Look plants each year.
  • Maintain your independence.  Participate in a flexible marketing program that respects your independence.
  • Read our lips: No boxes!