About Handpicked For You®


The Handpicked for You® certification is supported by a collaboration of plant breeders, growers and independent garden center retailers. Together we’re working to identify and introduce the best tested and most trusted plants available to you.

Handpicked for You® is a new certification program that awards its valued trustmark to top performing plants, so you can have the assurance of greater garden success!

Selected varieties must undergo regional testing, followed by the all important local testing before being certified as offering superior garden performance for your area.  These plant trials are focused on evaluating and testing each plant's garden performance and reliability.

However, we know there are some exceptional plants available today. 60+ of our favorite, most trusted plants have been awarded the Handpicked for You® designation as Tried and True picks. These plants are available in select independent garden centers in 2017 and 2018. Starting in the spring of 2019, the first new plants that have gone through the trial process will be available as Handpicked for You® selections at local garden centers in Eastern and Midwestern portions of the United States and Canada.