Why Handpicked for You®

For IGCs

You, as a key member of the IGC channel, can take ownership in selecting and marketing exceptional, higher profit margin plants for your region.  How does it work and why is it important?


Handpicked for You® is designed to:

  • Enhance consumer gardening success by featuring plants that are best suited for your area - as determined by you.
  • Better differentiate your garden center as the local plant expert.
  • Empower your staff to recommend the best plants for your customers.
  • Achieve stronger retail margins through greater customer trust.
  • Overcome consumer fear of failure amidst the overwhelming amount of plant choices.
  • Gain early access for trialing, evaluating and selling new plants sourced from around the world.
  • Participate in a flexible marketing process that respects your independence.
  • Collaborate with a community of growers exclusively dedicated to your success as a market leading local garden center.



Handpicked for You® is a plant certification program backed by a powerful synergy of plant breeders, growers, and independent retailers, all working together to select better plants that the consumer can trust.

Is there benefit to supply chain collaboration?  Let's hear what Dr. Charlie Hall, nationally recognized as an expert in the marketing of green industry crops, has to say:



Opportunity to Sell More, Better Plants

Handpicked for you® plants must meet 10 core standards designed to build consumer confidence and overcome fear of failure: 

  • Great Garden Performance
  • Reliable Consumer Success
  • Different and/or Improvement over what is Currently Available
  • Low Maintenance
  • Foliage & Bloom Interest
  • Heat & Cold Tolerance
  • Disease Resistance
  • Non-Invasive
  • Looks Good on the Bench
  • Ease of Production

Why is this important?  Let's hear Dr. Charlie Hall's opinion on factors that impact consumer purchasing decisions.



Handpicked for You® Plants Provide Value

Handpicked for You plants are selected based on their performance in regional grower trials and the feedback received from partner independent garden centers.  This collaboration is critical to selecting the best performing plants for your customers, in your area.

Let's hear Dr. Charlie Hall's take on the value quality plants provide and what functional benefits resonate with the consumer.



The Best of the Best

Handpicked for You® plants are the “best of the best.”  The unique collaboration of Handpicked for You® means regional grower trials and garden center feedback ensure only the top performers are selected.  Equally important, Handpicked for You® provides consumers with a limited number of proven choices – not overwhelming choices.  This means you, the independent garden center, has a curated collection of plants you helped to select as great performers in your region.

Why is this important?  Let's hear Dr. Charlie Hall's thoughts on the number of plants for sale today.



Plants You Can Sell at a Better Profit Margin

The Handpicked for You® trustmark gives consumers the confidence they need to know they’re buying:

  • Quality plants
  • Carefully selected for their local area
  • Offering great garden performance
  • Purchased from their local plant expert

A happy customer that is not overwhelmed and does not fear failure is a happy, more successful customer!  Plants that deliver on this promise can be sold at a premium price.

Let's hear what Dr. Charlie Hall has to say about selling differentiated plants at a price premium: