Plant Trials

For Breeders

Handpicked for You® plants are tested regionally and locally to find the best performing new plants available.  


To accomplish this, SynRGTM is developing a better process to trial new plants that involves both regional trials at grower locations and local trials and feedback in collaboration with independent garden centers.

Each year plants from around the world enter the Handpicked for You® plant trials at our five regional grower locations.  During the course of the next 1-2 years, these plants are evaluated regularly on their performance.  Those that perform particularly well are selected to move onto local trials at Independent Garden Centers before being eligible to receive the Handpicked for You® trustmark.

SynRGTM collaborates with breeders from around the world to identify promising new plants, get trial plants shipped to both our 4 US growers and our Canadian grower and put these plants through a robust trial protocol.  The earlier SynRGTM growers have access to trial plants for a promising new variety the better.  New plants can begin the trial process before they are available for sale.  Ideally, new plants could enter the trial process early enough that the most promising are able to be sold to Independent Garden Centers as “First Look” Plants during their initial sales year and would be eligible to receive Handpicked for You® trustmark for their second year of sales.  Of course, this depends on when the plants initially enter the Handpicked for You® trials and their performance during the trials.