Video Resources

For IGCs

Below are recordings from a series of presentations held during the 2021 Virtual MANTS.  Thanks to the presenters for kindly allowing us to share the recordings with you!  If you would like to learn more about any of the plants presented in these videos or have questions about Handpicked for You®, please contact your sales representative with one of SynRG's founding growers or contact the office at Emily @  SynRG's founding growers are Overdevest Nurseries, Prides Corner Farms, Saunders Brothers, Sheridan Nurseries, and Willoway Nurseries.


Exciting New Hydrangeas with Dr. Michael Dirr

SynRG growers will have early availability for these exciting new hydrangea beginning in 2021.  Contact your sales representative at one of our founding growers - Willoway Nurseries, Sheridan Nurseries, Saunders Brothers, Prides Corner Farms, and Overdevest Nurseries - for more information.


Rosarian Ping Lim Discusses True Bloom™ Roses


Join rosarian Ping Lim for a discussion on building Altman Plants' True Bloom™ rose program and learn about current and future releases. True Bloom™ roses have won many awards, including at the Biltmore International Rose Trials.


Join Raymond Evison to go Behind the Scenes and learn about Raymond Evison Clematis

Raymond Evison joins us to discuss the Raymond Evison Clematis, talk about varieties that you should sell at your IGC, share the work that goes into developing these new varieties, and share what makes Raymond Evison Clematis the best clematis to offer your consumer.


Exciting New Introductions from Exceptio Plants

Steve Lendvay and April Herring from Pacific Plug & Liner join us to discuss several new plant introductions from Exceptio Plants, including the Frostkiss® Hellebores, the Delgenius™ Delphinium, and Carex Feather Falls.


Learn about the exciting NewGen Boxwood with Lindsay Day

Join us for an in-depth look at these exciting new boxwood introductions that have better resistance to Boxwood Blight and other boxwood diseases, better resistance to Boxwood Leafminer, and overall stunning appearance.  These exciting new boxwood are available from the SynRG founding growers!



Certified to Thrive!

See the unveiling of our new logo and tagline and learn more about the Handpicked for You® plant certification program.  Presented by Sonya Lepper Westervelt with Saunders Brothers and Emily Bibens Chung, Executive Director of SynRG.


Tim Wood on Exciting New Plants from Proven Winners® Color Choice®

Join us to hear about several exciting new Hydrangea paniculatas from Spring Meadow Nursery along with the 2021 Proven Winners® Color Choice® plants of the year from the one and only Tim Wood!

For more information on any of the plants discussed in these presentations, contact your sales representative with one of the SynRG founding growers - Willoway Nurseries, Sheridan Nurseries, Saunders Brothers, Prides Corner Farms, and Overdevest Nurseries.