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Syn-RG® is committed to sell the Handpicked for You® trust mark only through Independent Garden Centers.  


The Independent Garden Center is an unmatched resource for consumers.  Handpicked for You® is designed to reinforce the role of the independent garden center as the local plant expert.

Plants sporting the Handpicked for You® trust mark are available to Independent Garden Centers within the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada.  If you are interested in selling Handpicked for You® certified plants, contact your sales representative with one of the growers who are founding members of SynRG® or contact the SynRG® office.


Syn-RG® Growers

Overdevest Nurseries, LP

Bridgeton, NJ



Prides Corner Farms, Inc.

Lebanon, CT



Saunders Brothers, LLC

Piney River, VA



Sheridan Nurseries, Ltd

Georgetown, Ontario



Willoway Nurseries, Inc.

Avon, OH



SynRG® Office

Emily Bibens Chung, Executive Director