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For IGCs

Syn-RGTM is committed to sell Handpicked for You® plants only through Independent Garden Centers.  


The Independent Garden Center is an unmatched resource for consumers.  Handpicked for You® is designed to reinforce the role of the independent garden center as the local plant expert.

Handpicked for You® plants are available to Independent Garden Centers within the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada.  If you are interested in selling Handpicked for You® certified plants, contact your sales representative with one of the growers who are founding members of SynRGTM or contact the SynRGTM office.


SynRGTM Growers

Overdevest Nurseries, LP

Bridgeton, NJ



Prides Corner Farms, Inc.

Lebanon, CT



Saunders Brothers, LLC

Piney River, VA



Sheridan Nurseries, Ltd

Georgetown, Ontario



Willoway Nurseries, Inc.

Avon, OH



SynRGTM Office

Emily Bibens Chung, Executive Director