A Fresh New Look for Handpicked For You®!



By Danny Gouge, Willoway Nurseries, Inc.


Handpicked For You® is well-known for bringing quality, attention-grabbing plants to the eyes of consumers. The goal is to showcase regionally tested and certified plants that will allow consumers to plant with confidence. To match the enthusiasm Handpicked For You® has for these outstanding plants, a fresh, new look was recently unveiled.  Handpicked For You® revealed a brand-new logo that features a trustworthy shield, a bright eye-catching color scheme, and the slogan of “Certified to Thrive.”  This redesign provides an eye-catching look to the trademark, but still portrays the new, innovative look that can be seen in the plants featured within the program. With the help of its five charter growers, breeders, and retail partners, Handpicked For You® and Syn-RG™ strives toward the goal of working together to accomplish more than could be done individually.

A trusted favorite, locally tested, and certified to thrive so you can plant with confidence.

Plants certified with the Handpicked for You® trust mark are regionally tested and independently verified, through a rigorous review process, to be consistent top performers from a wide range of breeders, growers, and you! Handpicked for You® certified plants provide a reliable promise of success and quality to new and experienced gardeners alike.

Handpicked for You® is a plant certification program, organized by a team of breeders, growers, and top independent retailers to rigorously identify top-performing perennials and shrubs in specific regional markets. We are committed to helping consumers become more successful with outdoor gardening by alleviating the fear of failure. The Handpicked for You® trust mark makes plant selection easy and fun by giving both enthusiasts and those who just enjoy spending time relaxing in the garden a simple way to find perennials, shrubs, and trees that are certified to thrive, and independently verified to be consistent top performers in their region. More time enjoying time in nature and the beauty of the plants and less time working in the garden!


Let us review how Handpicked for You® plants can improve your experience with plants:

  • Confidence: regionally and independently tested and trusted to thrive in the area where you live, so you can plant without the fear of failure.
  • Delight in your home’s appearance: promising you the most beautiful, regionally tested, perennial and shrub varieties for your garden.
  • More fun, for you and your children/family, makes the time you spend together, outside and away from screens, more relaxing, connected, healthy, and rewarding.
  • Less time shopping: plant selection is faster, easier, and less confusing.
  • Encouragement for your growing passion: our expert growers select the best to help you enjoy success and nurture enthusiasm for your new passion.
  • New and different varieties: certified plant varieties include unique finds not available at the big box stores.
  • Improved property value: thriving plants enhance your landscape—and curb appeal.
  • Support local and independent garden centers: feel proud to support the local business and plant community that is dedicated to your success. Remember we are working together to accomplish more than could be done individually.