Plant Trials

For IGCs

A better way to trial new plants partners with local, independent garden centers 

Handpicked for You® is a plant certification program, organized by a team of breeders, growers, and top independent retailers (aka serious plant geeks) to rigorously identify top performing perennials and shrubs in specific regional markets.  We are committed to helping consumers become more successful with outdoor gardening by alleviating the fear of failure.

Each year plants from around the world enter the Handpicked for You® plant trials at our five regional grower locations.  These plants are evaluated regularly on their performance.  Those that perform well are selected for local trialing at participating garden center locations.

At the end of the process, trial information from both the regional grower locations and from the the local Independent Garden Center locations are considered.  Only the very best plants are awarded the Handpicked for You® certification.  The Handpicked for You® trust mark is sold only through independent garden centers.