Handpicked For You® – A Promise of Value


Handpicked For You® – A Promise of Value 

Thanks for this great article from David Wilson, Director of Marketing at Overdevest Nurseries

As I gaze out my window, I see the gloomy, rather depressing, dreary short days of winter and already I am longing for warming temperatures, the luxuriant growth of spring, the sound of bird song and the sweet, earthy smell of freshly stirred soil.  

David's garden in winter. Dull, dormant and looking drab – he longs for spring and the value that Hand Picked For You® plants bring.

Deutzia Nikko (right), Hostas & other Hand Picked For You® plants bring a valuable burst of color to David's garden in spring.

Shovel at the ready, I am eagerly awaiting another planting season and the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air, in my own little bit of paradise, creatively putting in a few more plants to add VALUE to my home, enrich my family’s daily surrounds, add VALUE to our quality of life and make our lives a little more satisfying, healthy and enjoyable. 

As humans we are inextricably connected to the earth, to be at one with nature, birds and wildlife is in our DNA… and whether some of us are fortunate enough to identify ourselves as gardeners, or not, the pleasure of planting something and watching it GROW is an enormous pleasure that more and more of us enjoy. Especially when we know it helps improve our environment and directly benefits us, our health and well-being and that of our family, friends and loved ones.    

Sure, it takes effort, certainly it takes some planning, it definitely takes a little investment, but also it takes TEAMWORK.  

I am not just talking about the people that might be helping us pick out, buy and install our plants, or even those that help us water our newly planted fledging beauties. But I am talking about the “behind the scenes” teamwork of plant breeders, nurseries and garden retailers that ensure Hand Picked For You® trust marked plants are CERTIFIED for SUCCESS and represent the tremendous VALUE that they offer.   

For as you backfill the last planting holes and proudly survey your productive achievements, its satisfying and reassuring to know that behind the Hand Picked For You® certified plants, there’s a team of consummate professionals all working in unison to bring you the BEST of the BEST. Teamwork that all comes together to bring an extra level of assurance and terrific VALUE for MONEY.

When you see this trust mark, it’s a seal of approval that specifies that these garden plants have gone go through a rigorous selection and testing process by seasoned, experienced specialists. A lineup of more than 40 of the world’s top plant breeders and introducers, close to 240 garden retailers and 5 innovative, forward thinking nurseries, that behind the scenes, combine their resources and experience to bring you the most beautiful, top performing garden plants that have proven their performance in your local area. 

That’s huge…., a promise of VALUE that means all your planning, effort, investment and hopes will get off to the best possible start.  

The VALUE of Skill, Knowledge and Experience 

Now let me tell you a bit about my own story…., I’ve been in the plant business since I was a schoolboy. Actually Shhh…, don’t tell any policemen but I was growing and selling plants from my father’s car in the gaol (jail) square of my local town before I was legally old enough to drive! 

Over 5 decades of experience growing plants and helping people find the RIGHT PLANTS for their gardens. So, after all these years of trial and error, I like to think, that now I can recognize a good plant when I see one!    

Now, lets take this and multiply it manifold by adding in all the expertise, knowledge and evaluation skills of the personnel at each of the Hand Picked For You® Nurseries. Most of them probably have similar stories to tell from their backgrounds. Lifetimes of loving good plants and enjoying with a passion what they do for a living! 

As I write this, I am reminded of a humous remark that I’ve sometimes overheard when they get together… They say “We’ve killed more plants, so you don’t have to”! Meaning that as plant professionals, they know what plants require, they know which ones are best, and which ones are not.   

It’s funny but true, and explains all the experience, passion, skill and knowledge that goes into carefully selecting the Hand Picked For You® varieties, and how they all add up to better garden success and marvelous VALUE. 

The VALUE of Vision, Creativity, Persistence and Patience 

Then multiply this again by adding the knowledge, vision, creativity, persistence and patience of the world’s foremost plant breeders. Visionary, inventive people that are developing exciting new plants for us to test and trial, and if approved, will bring even more awesome VALUE into our lives.  

Ping Lim (Left) sharing delight with David in talking about the value of Hand Picked For You® rose selections.

For example, take breeders like Ping Lim of Altman Plants and his incredible True Bloom True Passion rose. Here’s one that flowers perpetually with large double flowers and believe or not, thrives marvelously on its own roots without having to be dead headed or treated with chemicals. Ping says it takes 30,000 crosses per year to perfect the best of his roses, and I can tell you that already we are trialing some of his latest creations and they look very promising! Then there’s quiet, modest hybridizers like Rodney Davey in Devon, England, he has spent over 12 years, patiently crossing multiple species and creating his FANTASTIC Frostkiss® Hellebores – 4 of which were newly certified for 2020, and another 3 of which are under trial as First Look plants for your evaluation and reporting. 

Add in, Professor Mark Brand of University of Connecticut of Worry Free® Berberis fame,  Hans Hansen and Chris Meyer, from Walters Gardens (they are working on over 40 different genera), Brent Hovarth from Intrinsic Perennials in Illinois that has brought us Andropogon Black Hawks and Sedum Joyful and you can see how all this builds into yet more amazing VALUE.  

Harini Korlipara explaining to our Hand Picked For You® owners how she aims to add value by breeding vibrancy of color and enhanced overwintering survivability into her outstanding Coneflower creations

Then there’s Harini Korlipara and her colleagues at Terra Nova nurseries in Oregon. Over the years they have introduced over 1,000 new plants, an unbelievable achievement…, and they are still going! With exhilarating new plants reaching us for trial every year, from these folks and a host of others (that space limits my mention here). I hope you can see how their continuing contributions bring even more REAL VALUE to our lives and home surroundings.   

The VALUE of Local  

Then multiply this again with the magnification of the almost 240 Independently Owned Retail Centers that participate in the Hand Picked For You® program. Spread out all over our Northeastern region they enhance and expand all the things I’ve mentioned above (Experience, Knowledge, Expertise, Skill, Vision etc.) but also, and probably, the most VALUABLE element of all and that’s LOCAL.
For these experts are right here in our home communities, they live, work and play in our neighborhoods, most are family businesses (often through multiple generations). Many of them know us personally, they certainly know and care about the area, and they know what lives and thrives in our local zones. So needless to say, they stock and display the plants that are right for our home districts – that’s why their local VALUES and personal service is so important. 

So, let’s take a look at our multiplication tables… and see how:   

=  Represents Unparalleled VALUE 

Trax Farms, Finleyville, PA – one of the many participating Hand Picked For You® retailers

So, the next time you go shopping for plants, check out the Hand Picked For You® website to find out about the wonderful selection of certified plants and locate a retailer near your neighborhood.
Hand Picked For You® plants – Inspiring VALUE... 
One Plant, One person, One garden &  
One Neighborhood at a time.