Plant Trials

For Growers

SynRGTM was founded by 5 independent growers to develop a better plant trial process that involves independent garden centers to: identify the best new plants, select those that are great garden performers, and award these plants the Handpicked for You®  trustmark.

Together, the five SynRGTM growers select more than 100 new plants a year to enter the Handpicked for You® trial process.  These plants undergo 1-2 years of trials at regional grower locations and are evaluated regularly on their performance.  All plant trial data is collected through online tracking software to be summarized and evaluated before selecting the most promising plants for further review in partnership with Independent Garden Centers.

The time commitment for each grower is significant.  At any given time, each grower has more than 100 new plants in trials.  During the growing season, each plant is evaluated at least every other week on its performance and is evaluated weekly during key growth periods.  In addition, the growers are committed to traveling nationally and internationally to meet with plant breeders and identify prospective new plants to enter the trial process.  They also devote significant time and resources to develop the marketing and branding efforts for the Handpicked for You® program.

Currently, trials at grower locations are limited to the 5 founding members of SynRGTM.