Plant Care


A little maintenance goes a long way toward having a happy plant!


Watering Needs

  • Water your new plant every day for 1 week, every other day for the second and third weeks, and then as required.  It’s best to water early in the mornings.  Of course, watch the weather - if it rains a lot, you may not need to water that day!
  • For clay soil, water your new plant every other day for a week and then every third day for the second and third week.  After that, water as required depending on weather conditions.
  • Try to water at the base of the plant, near the soil since watering the plant’s leaves can increase the risk of disease.
  • Don’t forget about your plants when you go on vacation - have someone stop by and water them.
  • If your plant’s leaves become droopy or wilted, it may need a good watering.
  • “Brown Thumb Tip” - schedule calendar reminders to help you remember to water on a regular schedule!


Mowing Tips

  • Avoid hitting the plants with the lawnmower.  Adding mulch around them can help protect the branches or trunk since you won’t have to get as close to the plant with the lawn mower.  


Fertilizer Tips

  • Check with your local garden center for their recommendations on plant fertilizer for your area.  Fertilizers and plant food can help minimize transplant shock, promote longer lasting blooms, and strengthen root development