Plant Trials



To earn the Handpicked for You® trust mark, each plant must pass a rigorous series of core performance criteria, proving that it can be certified as suitably reliable for your garden.


Initially, promising plants that have been introduced by hybridizers from around the world undergo regional trials at independent grower locations in the United States and Canada.

Potential new plants are tested on their performance and are evaluated frequently throughout the spring and summer growing season and at regular time intervals year-round. As they proceed through the evaluation process, their performance is measured and the data is regularly recorded for:

  • Plant uniformity
  • Height & width
  • Bloom quality
  • Bloom duration
  • Floriferousness
  • Foliage quality
  • Pest & disease resistance
  • Hardiness
  • Overall plant performance

The plants are also evaluated on additional criteria designed to consider their overall suitability for today’s yards. This additional evaluation takes into account factors such as their: multi-season interest, native origins, maintenance requirements, water needs, deer resistance and pollinator friendliness.

Plants that show promise at the regional grower locations are then selected to move on to local evaluations at independent garden centers. These plant experts in your neighborhood understand the unique requirements for garden success in your area. As this local trialing advances, these independent retailers are able to sell, in some instances, limited quantities for feedback from customers such as yourself. This feedback is regularly shared as part of the testing process.

The local trials are a key part of the plant evaluation process that provides the final go-ahead for which plants receive the coveted Handpicked for You® trustmark.