Top 10 Handpicked for You® Plants for Late Summer to Autumn Colour

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Top 10 Handpicked for You® Plants for Late Summer to Autumn Colour

As our cherished spring perennials and annuals begin to fade, it’s time to start thinking about adding plants that shine from August to autumn. We've trialled the perfect late-blooming perennials and long-lasting foliage plants that suit your garden style and will thrive in your region.
Here are our top 10 HPFY plants for adding late summer and fall colour to your outdoor space.

Blackhawks Big Bluestem
This sun-loving ornamental grass changes from bright green and red accents in the summer, to deep purple as temperatures begin to cool down. Your garden will be filled with bronze and lavender hues in fall when this plant touched by frost. Plant in an area that is partial to full sun. Zone 5-9

Standing Ovation Little Bluestem
This reliable ornamental grass displays a fiery mix of oranges, reds, yellows and purplish-browns in the fall. Ideal for poor, dry soils and full sun. Zone 3-8.

Fire Chief™ Arborvitae
A nearly perfect globe-shaped cedar that has bright gold spring foliage in spring and deepens to a fantastic deep red colour in autumn. This low maintenance evergreen is ideal for rock gardens and foundation plantings that receive full sun. Zone 5-8.

Green Velvet Boxwood and Green Mountain Boxwood
Boxwood are admired for holding on to its deep, green colour year-round. Green Velvet is a slow-growing shrub with a rounded growth habit. Green Mountain, on the other hand, has growth that's upright and pyramidal. Drought tolerant once established, deer resistant, and non-invasive. Zone 5-8.

Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel'
Leathery, deep wine-purple maple-like foliage and glossy, red buds that open up to 8-9" scarlet red flowers from summer to fall. Plant in an area with direct, full sun for the best foliage hue. In autumn, the leaves will turn into vivid orange. Zone 4-9.

Ivory Halo® Dogwood
This deciduous shrub will add a touch of colour to your late-season garden with bright red stems that contrasts gorgeously against the snow. From spring to summer, you'll get light green leaves with creamy white margins. Excellent for mass plantings or as a long hedge. Partial to full sun; zone 3-7.

Karl Foester Feather Reed Grass
Dramatic red-bronze feathery stalks appear in midsummer and will turn into a rich, golden brown in autumn. This ornamental cool-season grass is heat tolerant, attracts birds, and can grow in full to partial sun. Zone 5-11.

Summer Snowflake Viburnum
One of the best flowering viburnums out there! This reliable rebloomer with flower with waves of white, lacecap flowers from spring until fall. Textured leaves turn a deep red-purple as temperatures cool down. Hardy zone 5-7; plant in an area that is well-drained and receives sunlight.

Blue Princess Holly
Glossy blue-green foliage will create a dramatic impact through the fall and winter with its upright growth. Best used as a specimen or an accent piece. Plant a male blue holly plant nearby to get bright red berries over winter. Thrives from zones 5-8 and should be planted in full to partial sun.

Hummingbird Summersweet
Plant in an area that receives partial sunlight. In summer, it will bloom with fragrant white flower spikes. As autumn approaches, it will light up the fall landscape with bright yellow foliage. Tolerant of moist soil conditions. Zone 5-8.

Kayla-Jane Barrie
Sheridan Nurseries / Handpicked For You