WorryFree® Grows Even Better in 2022!

Inspiration / Problem Solving Plants

From Timothy Kane at Prides Corner Farms

Pictured above: Hydrangea WorryFree® Azure Skies™
Photo Credit: Dr. Michael Dirr

The WorryFree® brand is an Independent Garden Center’s best friend and a slam dunk for the garden center customer.  Customers are looking for exciting plants that look great, solve landscape issues and don’t need a lot of fuss and extra work to get them to grow and thrive.  Independent Garden Centers are looking for plant solutions they can recommend to their customers in this world of lack of labor and last minute staffing that makes training so much more difficult.  

Current WorryFree® plants like Berberis WorryFree® Crimson Cutie®, Miscanthus sinensis Bandwidth™ (pictured above, photo courtesy of Emerald Coast Growers) and Pennisetum alopecuroides Cayenne™ have become exceedingly popular at Independent Garden Centers over the last few years because they have provided a seed free alternative to other selections in these genera thus solving the invasive plant issue that has bedeviled the industry and caused issues with the environment.  IGC personnel and customers alike have found it easy and seamless to point to plants in the WorryFree® container to solve this issue and to look superb in the landscape with little additional input once established.

Successfully creating a solution for the invasive issue got all of us at the Syn-RG growers thinking that were a ton of other landscape solutions that WorryFree® plants could provide at the IGC. Why not grow the palette of plants in the WorryFree® program to deal with issues that all homeowners are looking to solve and all Independent Garden Centers are looking to provide a solution to meet them? It became obvious that we had some unique, exciting, easy to grow plants up our sleeves that would thrill IGC’s and homeowners alike.

How about a hedging plant that is perfect for a much smaller footprint to help provide privacy in this world of more remote working and more stay at home family fun? There is no tougher solution to find at the garden center but, in 2022, WorryFree® has a solution in the form of Thuja WorryFree® ‘Junior Giant’. Who wouldn’t want an easy to grow screening plant that provides a screening solution in a third less space?  ‘Junior Giant’ is the kind of plant that revolutionizes a category and getting green, upright privacy from neighbors in a consumer’s yard will never be the same!  ‘Junior Giant’ is exclusive to WorryFree® and a great solution for Independent Garden Centers and consumers alike.

Let’s talk about carefree color all summer long.  Lots of plants and brands promise that but in 2022, WorryFree® delivers with great, low maintenance solutions that really live up to their promise. Two new Hydrangea macrophylla from Dr. Michael Dirr start off the summer in style in the blooming form of Hydrangea WorryFree® Rock ‘n Roll™ (pictured below) and Hydrangea WorryFree® Azure Skies™.  Dr. Dirr has hit the jackpot with these stunning, low maintenance beauties that continuously bloom throughout the summer.  Azure Skies™ is a sky blue mophead flowered selection that is as dependable as it is easy to grow while Rock ‘n Roll™ is a mophead flowering sport of Hydrangea Twist ‘n Shout™ that is much denser and much more floriferous than its relative while retaining its great color and hardiness. Look for these outstanding summer bloomers in the WorryFree® pot this year.

Finally, what collection of plants providing carefree color would be complete without a Hydrangea paniculata?  WorryFree® steps to the plate in 2022 with a new introduction that will put the thrill back into late summer, Hydrangea paniculata WorryFree® Pink. How game changing is it?  It may have the largest flower cones of any paniculata you can buy. They are truly massive but, even better, they turn a deep, stunning pink as they age even in the hottest, stickiest climates.  WorryFree® Pink also has the strongest stems we’ve seen on any medium sized Hydrangea paniculata with the ability to keep those massive cones of bloom upright even after the deluge of a summer thunderstorm. WorryFree® Pink checks the boxes and is an amazing solution you can offer your customers this year.

As you can see, 2022 is going to be a breakout year for WorryFree® plants at your Independent Garden Center and for your customers.  Our goal is to have the firepower in the collection that will make it a breeze for your employees to point to the WorryFree® container and confidently tell your customers that there is a landscape solution in every WorryFree® pot. With these great new additions to the brand it is easy to see how WorryFree® is growing better for you in 2022!