2022 First Look Woody Plant Selections

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From Sheridan Nurseries

Fall is the time of year where we traditionally think of putting our gardens ‘to bed’. But it is also a great opportunity to plan and lay the groundwork for next year. Woody plants are winter hardy and are a great option for gardeners looking to enjoy year-round, above-ground plants that last for many years.

Many woody plants offer gardeners two distinct seasons of growth. The first offers fragrant flowers or wildlife attracting berries and the second, attractive greenery or dried flower heads.

The diversity of woody plants makes them a popular choice for gardeners looking to create distinct garden areas or incorporate unique textures or designs. Gardeners who want to add plants that make their properties look amazing will love woody plants.

Many woody plants offer shelter and food for small birds and other wildlife. Songbirds such as cardinals, finches, and chickadees will make for frequent visitors during the winter months.

Climate change has made it an even greater challenge to find plants that will survive during extreme weather conditions. Woody plants can survive in wet or dry climates, making them a great choice for gardens with more demanding growing conditions.

So which woody plants will make the most impressive impact on the garden? Be sure to check out these new additions to the Handpicked for You® First Look list for 2022.


Weigela Electric Love

Weigela Electric Love®
Stunning red bellflower blooms paired with consistently dark foliage create a strong visual impact on gardens. Weigela Electric Love® provides a controlled, dense growth, making it easy to manage. Plants will finish around two feet at full maturity. The Weigela Electric Love® is a hardy plant, able to handle temperatures of up to 30°F (34°C). The perfect choice for decorative potted plants or in the garden. 

(Photo credit: Van Belle Nursery)


Hydrangea rock n roll

Hydrangea macrophylla Rock-n-Roll
Perfect for all seasons with elegant blooms during the warmer months and lush greenery during the colder months. Gardeners will enjoy choosing their favourite colours with Rock-n-Roll, which like other hydrangea macrophyllas react well to altered pH levels creating rich blue and pink blooms. Dormant during the winter, this variety of hydrangea emerges in the spring ready to ‘Rock-n-Roll’, with dazzling blooms that last for many weeks and It is a rebloomer, giving a great second showing of colour late in the summer. 
(Photo credit: Michael Dirr)


Hydrangea quercifolia 'Snowcicle'
Another unique variety of Hydrangea, this relative newcomer, start as creamy white florets then transform through the summer with fall colours of deep wine and burnt orange.  Mature plants are 5-6 feet tall and once growth is complete, the dried flower heads make elegant indoor decorative arrangements.

(Pictured at top; Photo credit: Plants Nouveau)
The days are getting shorter and the air has a chill, but it’s still a great time to be out in the garden.  And although these exciting new varieties won’t be available until next spring, make sure when taking stock of your fully grown landscape this fall that you identify a spot to save for these wonderful new woody plants.